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After 15 years in this industry, we feel authorized to speak on lawnmowing. We have the equipment to provide a precise and quality finish to your lawn; edgers, whipper-snippers, push mowers, zero-turn mowers, tractor mowers, and ride on mowers.

We do backyards, council parkways, schools both private and public, as well as factory properties. All our machinery is the best available on the market.

We don’t just cut the grass - our employees are also trained to provide reports on the health and strength of your lawn, whether it is Kikiyu, Couch, Buffalo, Palmetto, Empire Zoysia or any of the varieties of these grasses. We will provide you with advice on how best to keep your lawn fresh, vital and pest free.

Our clientele ranges from domestic and body corporate to corporate, real estate & strata management.

Our jobs are generally attended by two staff for safety and efficiency, and clippings are taken away if required.

So don't wait any longer! Call 1300 882 787 or email us to discuss your lawn mowing needs.

Hedge Trimming

In order to maintain well-kept hedges, tireless hours of pruning and clipping are essential. But who has the time to be a slave to their hedges? At Gordon Lawn Mowing we are proud to commit our time to keeping your hedges trimmed and in beautiful condition.

I have to say that over the years I have found Hedges give me the Greatest reward in seeing them trimmed correctly. whether its a Photinia, Verbenum, Lilly pilly or Layton's conifer I personally Love doing them. We come out, set up our portable scaffold and get them back in order. First, in most cases, we take out the bulk with our heavy machinery then we go back over the whole lot with various hand secateurs in order to give the straight cuts on the stems required for the health of the plant. Finally we spray our natural antiseptic over the entire hedge to ensure the stabilizing of the plant after the shock of a cut, Finally, we pour a tonic at the root base of each plant comprising the hedge and mulch out the base in if it's heading into a colder season. Because the climate of the North Shore region is so conducive, hedges grow at a rapid pace. Trimming is not only done for visual appeal but regular trimming is necessary to train the hedge to grow to its fullest capacity. Managing your hedges is critical and letting the hedge grow too far without attention can cause problems, we can consult with you regarding regular maintenance of the hedge or hedges on your property. There are many different types of hedges and Gordon Lawn Mowing has worked on most types over the years. so whatever the issue maybe we will find the solution quickly and competently for you. Call now on 1300 882 787 for a free quote.

Garden Care

You don't need a green thumb or a lot of plant knowledge to have a beautiful garden. Or, if you are simply too busy to do all the garden chores yourself, you can still have a garden that you enjoy and your neighbors admire.

The team from Gordon Lawn Mowing can have your garden looking great - leaving you time to enjoy it, without all the work and not needing to cost you an arm and a leg! Through single visits or regular and ongoing care programs, we will soon have your garden flourishing.

You may have specific requests for your garden. It IS YOUR garden, so we want you to feel that at all times. We don’t ‘take over’ and push you out.

Why not call 1300 882 787 or email us to discuss your gardening needs?

We are always pleased to include your ideas, and advise you on their suitability. Or perhaps we will recommend enhancements to your garden, such as new plants to suit particular aspects or trouble spots; or turf renovation, irrigation extensions or landscaping. You can be confident that we have the expertise to carry these out or may recommend other contractors with specialist expertise.

When you just want to sit back and enjoy your garden or if you are feeling like a slave to your plants... it’s time to call Gordon Lawn Mowing!

By becoming a client of Gordon Lawn Mowing you are entering into a relationship with a professional business dedicated to providing you with all of the horticultural requirements your garden needs.

You will be dealing with people and a brand you can trust. Our expertise is in developing and caring for gardens of all types.

Our services include:

  • Garden Design
  • Planting &
  • Weed Control
  • Patios and Courtyards


At Gordon Lawn Mowing we are pleased to offer our clients a wide range of landscaping services to enhance and beautify your garden. Please choose from the options above to read more about the various landscape elements available.

We believe that your outdoor area should be designed to "grow into".

Our landscaping specialists can transform your current front or back yard into a spectacular family retreat including mature trees, garden beds, decking, water features, fencing, paving & retaining walls. We believe in listening to the client and enjoy using their concepts to come up with stylish functional and useful outdoor areas that are constantly used. 

Our innovative landscapers have modern ideas and creative solutions to turn your family outdoor living area into a truly relaxing sanctuary. 

Our workers are experienced and all workmanship is of the highest quality. We believe in the Spirit of Excellence. 

Please feel free to arrange a quote for your landscaping, we can turn your ideas into reality.


Corporate Landscapes

Landscaping at the work environment can reflect and enhance a corporate organisation's culture and identity. 
If planned well it can also simultaneously provide a place for staff to take time out and find tranquillity and come back refreshed. Our aim is to provide professional commercial grounds development and/or corporate landscape services.  At Gordon Lawn Mowing we consider the user of the space to be as important as the look of the space. How does the environment work with traffic flows, high amounts of shade and the wind patterns?  Do people have welcoming places to sit and converse? Is the garden easy to keep clean and vandal free? We address these and many more questions before the design begins.


The customised irrigation system design service offered by Gordon Lawn Mowing Services helps garden owners in efficiently controlling and managing their water resources using quality products and advanced design strategies.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customer's needs - then we apply ourselves to the job with zeal and enthusiasm!

Gordon Lawn Mowing Services offers effective installation services for a range of landscape elements, irrigation systems and reticulation systems. The landscape elements and plumbing products supplied by Gordon Lawn Mowing Services are manufactured according to industrial quality standards.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation, functions as its name suggests. Water is delivered at or near the root zone of plants, drop by drop. This method can be the most water-efficient method of irrigation, if managed properly, since evaporation and runoff are minimized. In modern agriculture, drip irrigation is often combined with plastic mulch, further reducing evaporation, and is also the means of delivery of fertilizer. The process is known as fertigation.

Deep percolation, where water moves below the root zone, can occur if a drip system is operated for too long of a duration or if the delivery rate is too high. Drip irrigation methods range from very high-tech and computerized to low-tech and relatively labour-intensive. Lower water pressures are usually needed than for most other types of systems, with the exception of low energy centre pivot systems and surface irrigation systems, and the system can be designed for uniformity throughout a field or for precise water delivery to individual plants in a landscape containing a mix of plant species.

Although it is difficult to regulate pressure on steep slopes, pressure compensating emitters are available, so the field does not have to be level. High-tech solutions involve precisely calibrated emitters located along lines of tubing that extend from a computerized set of valves. Both pressure regulation and filtration to remove particles are important. The tubes are usually black (or buried under soil or mulch) to prevent the growth of algae and to protect the polyethylene from degradation due to ultraviolet light. But drip irrigation can also be as low-tech as a porous clay vessel sunk into the soil and occasionally filled from a hose or bucket. Subsurface drip irrigation has been used successfully on lawns, but it is more expensive than a more traditional sprinkler system.

Surface drip systems are not cost-effective (or aesthetically pleasing) for lawns and golf courses. In the past one of the main disadvantages of the subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems, when used for turf, was the fact of having to install the plastic lines very close to each other in the ground, therefore disrupting the turfgrass area.

Sprinkler irrigation

Hi pressure sprinklers that rotate are called rotors and are driven by a ball drive, gear drive, or impact mechanism. Rotors can be designed to rotate in a full or partial circle. Guns are similar to rotors, except that they generally operate at very high pressures of 40 to 130 lbf/in² (275 to 900 kPa) and flows of 50 to 1200 US gal/min (3 to 76 L/s), usually with nozzle diameters in the range of 0.5 to 1.9 inches (10 to 50 mm). Guns are used not only for irrigation, but also for industrial applications such as dust suppression and logging.

Automatically moving wheeled systems, known as travelling sprinklers may irrigate areas such as small farms, sports fields, parks, pastures, and cemeteries unattended. Most of these utilize a length of polyethylene tubing wound on a steel drum. As the tubing is wound on the drum powered by the irrigation water or a small gas engine, the sprinkler is pulled across the field. When the sprinkler arrives back at the reel the system shuts off. This type of system is known to most people as a "waterreel" travelling irrigation sprinkler and they are used extensively for dust suppression, irrigation, and land application of waste water. Other travellers use a flat rubber hose that is dragged along behind while the sprinkler platform is pulled by a cable. These cable-type travellers are definitely old technology and their use is limited in today's modern irrigation projects.

Gordon Lawn Mowing has the service for you!


At Gordon Lawn Mowing we keep abreast of domestic and rural weed management issues. We are able to advise our clients on ways to keep their properties weed free, be they lawns and gardens or larger rural acreage blocks. The information below is taken from Australian government and advisory authority factsheets and reports and summarises what we consider to be important aspects of weed issues.

Weeds are a serious problem throughout Australia. Many procedures and methods are available to manage the effects of weeds. The most effective means of weed control are prevention, early detection and eradication. In the event that weeds become established, procedures and methods for weed control are available to reduce their impact. Once the initial infestation is controlled, follow-up monitoring and control is required to ensure that reinfestation does not occur.

Call 1300 882 787 or email us to discuss your weed problems and how we can help you address them.

Weed prevention

Early detection and eradication

Biological control: Releasing a weed's native natural enemy such as insects, grazing animals or disease

Cultural control: Manipulating farming practices or enhancement of the native plant community

Physical control: Removal of weeds by mowing, mulching, tilling, burning, grazing or by hand

Chemical control: Use of chemicals, such as herbicides

Integrated weed management: Using a range of the above control measures

Ongoing maintenance

NSW State weed management arrangements

Who is responsible for managing weeds? The primary responsibility for managing weeds rests with landholders and land managers, but collective action is necessary where the problem is beyond the capacity of the individual landholder or land manager to address.

Successful weed management requires a coordinated national approach which involves all levels of government in establishing appropriate legislative, educational and coordination frameworks in partnership with industry, landholders and the community.

Information courtesy Australian Federal Government Weeds Website



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